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The Nag Hammadi: "This Is Like Wheat Mixed with Chaff"(25,12-27)


"This Is Like Wheat Mixed with Chaff"

For if the chaff is mixed with wheat, it is not the chaff that is contaminated but the wheat.  Since they are mixed together, no one will buy the contaminated wheat.  They will coax the dealer and say, “Give us this chaff,” for they see the wheat mixed with it.  Then they will take the chaff and throw it out with the rest of the chaff, and that chaff will become mixed with all other material stuff.
   Pure seed is kept in storehouses that are secure.
   We now have discussed all these things.

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The Nag Hammadi: "The Third Age of the Spirit Is an Aeon of Beauty"(47,2 – 48,15)

"The Third Age of the Spirit Is an Aeon of Beauty"
(47,2 – 48,15)


Then mercy will come . . . through Sophia . . . .
   The firmaments [will collapse] down to the abyss.
   The children of matter will perish.  From that moment they will not exist.
   Then will appear the souls who are holy through the light of the Power that is exalted above all powers, the immeasurable, the universal.  That is I, and all who know me.
   They will be in the aeon of beauty, of the aeon of marriage, and they will be adorned through Sophia.
   After praising the one who is in incomprehensible oneness, they behold him on account of his will that is within them.
   They all have come to be as his light. They all have shone, and they have found rest in his rest.
   They one who is in oneness will free the souls being chastised and they come to live in purity.
   They will see the holy ones and call out to them, “Have mercy on us, Power above all powers.”  For [48] . . . in the iniquity that exists . . . to him their eyes.
   [They] do not seek him because they do not seek us, nor do they believe us.  They have acted in accordance with the creation of the rulers and the other rulers of creation.  We also have behaved according to our fleshly origin, in the creation of the rulers, which establishes law.
   Yet we are the ones who have come to live in the unchangeable aeon.

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The Nag Hammadi:"Souls Are Purified as Apocalyptic Signs Appear"(45,24-47,2)


"Souls Are Purified as Apocalyptic Signs Appear"

When he has completed the time set for the kingdom of the earth, the purification of souls will occur, for wickedness has become stronger than you.
   The power will tremble.  All the seas will dry up.  The firmament will not send down dew.
  The springs will stop giving water.  The rivers will no longer flow [46] back to their spring.  The waters of the springs of the earth will stop flowing.
  The depth will be laid bare and will lie open.
   The star will expand and the sun will stop shining.
   I shall withdraw with all those who know me.
   They will enter into immeasurable light, where there is no being of flesh or seduction of fire to seize them.  They will be free and holy, and no one will be able to drag them down. I am protecting them with my hand, and they have holy garments that fire cannot touch.
   Next are darkness, wind, and and a moment as short as the blink of an eye.
   Then he will come to destroy everything.
   They will be chastised until they are pure.
   The period of time allotted for them to have power is 1,468 years.
   When the fire has consumed everything and can find nothing else to burn, it will extinguish itself.
   Then the [47] [judgment of fire], which is the [second] power, will be completed.

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