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"The Seductress" -from "The Dead Sea Scrolls"

"The Dead Sea Scroll"

"The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English" by Geza Vermes から
 "The Seductress" を投稿しました。

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Epistles of the Twelve Apostle Ch.49

Epistles of the Twelve Apostle (?)


If you hear something, then do not give any belief against your brother and do not slander and do not love to listen to slander. 
For it is written, 'Let your ear listen to nothing against your brother, but (only) if you have seen, censure, correct, and convict him.''
And we said to Him, 'Lord, you have taught and exhorted us in everything
But, Lord, among the believers who among them believe in the preaching of your name should there be dissention and dispute and envy and confusion and hatred and distress?
For you have nevertheless said, 'They will find fault with one another and have not regarded the person (or, without regarding the person).' 
Do these sin who hate the one who has corrected them?' 
And He answered and said t us, 'Now why will the judgment take place?
That the wheat may be put in its barn and its chaff thrown into the fire.

  50  ...who thus hate, and he who loves me and finds fault with those who do not do my commandments, these will thus be hated and persecuted, and men will despise and mock (them). 
They will also deliberately say what is not (true), and there will come a conspiracy against those who love Me. 
But these will rebuke them that they may be saved.
And those who will find fault with them and correct and exhort them will be hated and set apart and despised;
But those who wish to do good to them will be prevented (from it). 
But those who have endured this will rank as martyrs with the Father, for they were zealous concerning righteousness and were not zealous with corruptible zeal.' 
And we said to Him, 'Will such, Lord, also happen in our midst?'
And He said to us, 'Do not fear what will happen not with many but (only) with few.'
And we said to Him, 'Tel us in what way.'
And He said to us, 'There will come another teaching and a conflict; and in that they seek their own glory and produce worthless teaching and offence of death will come thereby, and they will teach and turn away from my commandment even those who believe in me and bring them out of eternal life.
But woe to those who use my word and my commandment for a pretext, and also to those who listen to them and to those who turn away from the life of the teaching, to those who turn away from the commandment of life (this last clause not in Paris Nos. 51, 90 and 199), they will be eternally punished with them.'

  51 And after He had said this and had ended the discourse with us, he said again to us, 'Look, After these days and three hours He who sent me will come that I may go with Him.'
And as He spoke there was thunder and lightning and an earthquake, and the heavens divided and a bright cloud came and took Him away. 
And (we heard; only in Paris No.199) the voice of many angels as they rejoiced and praised and said, 'Assemble us, O priest, in the light of glory.' 
And when He (Paris No.51, 199 and Stuttgart Cod. Orient. fol. No.49 : they) had come near to the firmament of heaven, we heard Him say, 'Go in peace.'

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